jQuery Toggle Switches

jQuery toggle switches, also known as on/off switches or checkboxes, are a common UI component used in web development. They allow users to select between two options by flipping a switch from one position to another. While toggle switches can be created using plain HTML and CSS, using jQuery can make the process easier and more customizable.

In this article, we will explore some of the best free jQuery toggle switches available on the web.

1. Mute / Unmute Button

Mute / Unmute Button – Micro-Interaction
Made By: Akshaya Venky

2. Switch, Checkbox, Radio Button

Switch, Checkbox, Radio Button
Made By: Sticky Biscuits

3. GSAP – Cat Toggle Button

GSAP – Cat Toggle Button
Made By: Shunya Koide

4. Animated CheckBox with Sound Effect

Animated CheckBox with Sound Effect
Made By: Visnu Ravichandran

5. Draggable Skeuomorph Switch – Toggle

Draggable Skeuomorph Switch – Toggle
Made By: Valery Alikin

6. Gender Toggle Button

Gender Toggle Button
Made By: Himalaya Singh

7. Gravity UI – Toggle Button With Ripple

Gravity UI – Toggle Button With Ripple
Made By: Akshaya Venky

8. Elastic Volume Toggle

Elastic Volume Toggle
Made By: Aaron Iker

9. 3D Switch Animation

3D Switch Animation
Made By: Aaron Iker

10. SVG Checkbox Animation

SVG Checkbox Animation
Made By: Jonas Badalic

11. Button On/Off – Sliding Button

Button On/Off – Sliding Button
Made By: Diego Cadena

12. Batman | Superman Toggle Button

Batman | Superman Toggle Button
Made By: Himalaya Singh

13. Simple Checkbox Switcher

Simple Checkbox Switcher
Made By: Artyom

14. Jquery Toggle Button

Jquery Toggle Button
Made By: Nikhil Krishnan

15. 3D Switch Animation

3D Switch Animation
Made By: Aaron Iker

16. Toggle Button

Toggle Button
Made By: Ravi Dhiman

17. Brightness and Gamma Switch

Brightness and Gamma Switch
Made By: Joseph Shenton

18. Animated SVG Radio button

Animated SVG Radio button
Made By: Abhisek Dutta

19. SVG / CSS Animation – Checkbox

SVG / CSS Animation – Checkbox
Made By: Timothee Guignard

20. Smiley Switch Animation

Smiley Switch Animation
Made By: Aaron Iker

21. CSS Toggle With jQuery

CSS Toggle With jQuery
Made By: Russ Pate

22. Switch Loading Animation

Switch Loading Animation
Made By: Aaron Iker

23. Day & Night Checkbox

Day & Night Checkbox
Made By: Lionel Tzatzkin


jQuery toggle switches are a useful and versatile UI component that can be used to create a wide variety of web applications. The designs we have explored in this article are all free and easy to use, and highly customizable. Whether you are building a simple web application or a complex enterprise-level platform, these plugins can help you create sleek and responsive toggle switches that meet the needs of your users.

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