jQuery Menus

When it comes to web development, menus are an essential part of the user interface. They help visitors navigate through the website, allowing them to find the information they need quickly and easily. jQuery is a popular JavaScript library that simplifies the process of creating menus and other interactive elements for web pages.

Navigation menus are essential components of any website, as they provide a structured way for users to navigate through the pages and find the information they are looking for. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best free jQuery menus that you can use to enhance your website’s navigation.

1. Navigation Page Design

Navigation Page Design
Made By: Sara Mazal Web

2. Just Another Nav

Just Another Nav
Made By: Eric Porter

3. Pasta Menu (GSAP Animation)

Pasta Menu (GSAP Animation)
Made By: Olivia Ng

4. Slidey Nav

Slidey Nav
Made By: Eric Porter

5. Full Page Nav

Full Page Nav
Made By: Adam Kuhn

6. Spinning Donut Menu

Spinning Donut Menu
Made By: Matthew Davis

7. Full Screen Menu

Full Screen Menu
Made By: ItsMeNatalie

8. Menu

Made By: Elise

9. Menu Effect

Menu Effect
Made By: Ivan Grozdic

10. Full Page Nav Hand Grab

Full Page Nav Hand Grab
Made By: Zed Dash

11. Menu

Made By: Ayman Alhattami


Made By: Huseyin Elmas

13. Menu With Morphing Shapes

Menu With Morphing Shapes
Made By: Dejan Babić

14. Full Screen Nav Challenge

Full Screen Nav Challenge
Made By: Kyle Shook

15. Creative Menu Hover Effect

Creative Menu Hover Effect
Made By: Areal Alien

16. Uber-like Navigation

Uber-like Navigation
Made By: creme

17. Mobile Navigation

Mobile Navigation Animation Using GSAP
Made By: Dejan Babić

18. Navigation

Made By: Giorgio Acquati

19. The Rad Grad Nav

The Rad Grad Nav
Made By: Pete Barr

20. Toggle Menu

Toggle Menu
Made By: grin

21. Slide Out Navigation Menu

Slide Out Navigation Menu
Made By: Praveen Bisht

22. Animated Menu

Animated Menu
Made By: pulkit-jasti

23. Perspective Split Text Menu Hover

Perspective Split Text Menu Hover
Made By: James Bosworth

24. NavMenu

Made By: Mitchell Swaffield

25. Animated Full screen Overlay Navigation GSAP

Animated Full screen Overlay Navigation GSAP
Made By: Jeff Bredenkamp

26. Multi-level Side Nav Menu

Multi-level Side Nav Menu
Made By: Aaron Awad

27. 3D Rotating Hidden Menu With Sliding Bar

3D Rotating Hidden Menu With Sliding Bar
Made By: digistate

28. Hamburger Menu

Hamburger Menu – CSS and jQuery
Made By: rv7

29. Radial Menu – Creator Visons

Radial Menu – Creator Visons
Made By: Praveen Kumar Gorakala

30. Mobile Nav Bar

Mobile Nav Bar
Made By: Shosuke Doi

31. Fancy Toggle Menu

Fancy Toggle Menu
Made By: Florian Guiffrey

32. Fullscreen Menu With Flexbox & jQuery

Fullscreen Menu With Flexbox & jQuery
Made By: veronika

33. Expanding and Collapsing Hamburger Menu

Expanding and Collapsing Hamburger Menu
Made By: Jon Wilcox

34. Menu Interaction

Menu Interaction
Made By: Dronca Raul

35. Burger Menu

Burger Menu
Made By: Aaron Taylor

36. Floating Action Button Menu

Floating Action Button Menu
Made By: shreyas joshi

37. Mobile Dropdown Menu

Mobile Dropdown Menu
Made By: Doğacan

38. Responsive Menu Scroll Left

Responsive Menu Scroll Left
Made By: Jessica Valeska da Silva

39. Diagonal Mega Menu

Diagonal Mega Menu
Made By: Tim Normington

40. Real Fullscreen Navigation

Real Fullscreen Navigation
Made By: Em Ji Madhu

41. Floating Circular Menu

Floating Circular Menu
Made By: Mahmoud

42. Circle Menu

Circle Menu
Made By: Willmer Barahona

43. Bubble Menu

Bubble Menu
Made By: Vico Adomeit

44. Circular Navigation Concept

Circular Navigation Concept
Made By: Benedict

45. Mobile Menu Animation

Mobile Menu Animation
Made By: Aleksandar Čugurović

46. Animated Navigation

Animated Navigation
Made By: Greg Hovanesyan

47. Simple jQuery Slide Menu

Simple jQuery Slide Menu
Made By: PBlakemore

48. Menu

Made By: ▥

49. Mobile Menu

Mobile Menu
Made By: Vijaya Kumar Vulchi

50. Fullscreen Menu

Fullscreen Menu
Made By: Paul van Oijen

51. Mobile Menu Design

Mobile Menu Design
Made By: Vijaya Kumar Vulchi

52. Multi-Device Scrolling Menu

Multi-Device Scrolling Menu
Made By: AC

53. Page Tilt Effect

Page Tilt Effect
Made By: Marco Fugaro

54. Circular Layered Menu

Circular Layered Menu
Made By: Andrey Pokrovskiy

55. Fullscreen Hamburger Menu

Fullscreen Hamburger Menu
Made By: Gerhard Bliedung

56. Vertical Toggle Menu

Vertical Toggle Menu
Made By: Sergey Shirokovskikh

57. Ink Drop Menu

Ink Drop Menu
Made By: Shaw

58. Secret UI Project

Secret UI Project
Made By: Mohan Khadka

59. Dota 2 Wheel Chat

Dota 2 Wheel Chat
Made By: Timofey

60. Responsive Navigation Multilevel

Responsive Navigation Multilevel
Made By: Stéphanie Walter

61. Material Flex Header

Material Flex Header
Made By: Zed Dash

62. Menu

Made By: Yiting Liu

63. Hamburger Slide Accordion Menu

Hamburger Slide Accordion Menu
Made By: Anya Melnyk

64. Elastic SVG Sidebar Material Design

Elastic SVG Sidebar Material Design
Made By: Nikolay Talanov

65. Toggle Menu

Toggle Menu
Made By: Vladislav

66. Lastik Menu

Lastik Menu
Made By: Chrysto

67. Material Design FAB With Animated Flyout Nav

Material Design FAB With Animated Flyout Nav
Made By: Pete Blatchford

68. Droplet Menu Animation

Droplet Menu Animation
Made By: Leon Heess

69. Full-Page Navigation

Full-Page Navigation
Made By: Thomas Vaeth

70. Off Canvas Nav

Off Canvas Nav
Made By: Reech Studio

71. Hamburger Menu Interaction

Hamburger jQuery Menus Interaction
Made By: Tsukasa Aoki

72. GSAP: Cursor Hover Effect

GSAP: Cursor Hover Effect
Made By: roeslein

73. Nav Concept

Nav Concept
Made By: Tobias Glaus

74. Sliding Page Navigation

Sliding Page Navigation
Made By: Zed Dash

75. Navigation Concept

Navigation Concept
Made By: Tobias Bogliolo

76. Responsive Navbar

Responsive Navbar
Made By: Rémi Robichet

77. Bounce Menu

Bounce jQuery menus
Made By: Matt Hoiland

78. Fixed Flyout/Off-Canvas Navigation

Fixed Flyout/Off-Canvas Navigation
Made By: Colin

79. Dropdown Menu jQuery

Dropdown Menu jQuery
Made By: naymapl

80. A Clean Navigation Slider

A Clean Navigation Slider
Made By: Roemerdt

81. CSS Staggered Animation Dropdown Menu

CSS Staggered Animation Dropdown Menu
Made By: Boomer

82. Responsive Navigation Ideas

Responsive Navigation Ideas
Made By: Andrzej Dubiel

83. iOS Style Infinite Level – Mobile Sliding Menu

iOS Style Infinite Level – Mobile Sliding Menu
Made By: Nitin Suri

84. Apple Menu Search Animation

Apple Menu Search Animation
Made By: uros

85. Fixed Navigation Sidebar

Fixed Navigation Sidebar
Made By: Boomer

86. 3D Cube Menu

3D Cube Menu
Made By: Andreas Storm

Conclusion: jQuery Menus

There are many excellent free jQuery menus available on the web. Whether you’re looking for a simple dropdown menu or a complex multi-level navigation system, there’s sure to be a design that meets your needs. By using one of these designs, you can save time and effort while creating a professional-looking and highly functional menu for your website.

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