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jQuery is a widely used JavaScript library that simplifies the process of creating dynamic and interactive web pages. It offers a vast range of features that allow developers to create efficient and effective web applications with ease. One of the most useful and time-saving features of jQuery is the use of pre-built cards or widgets that can be easily integrated into web pages. These jQuery Cards provide a simple and easy-to-use interface for displaying information or performing specific actions.

In this article, we will look at some of the best free jQuery cards available.

1. Item Start Video

Item Start Video (Hover)
Made By: Wikyware Net

2. UI Media Card

UI Media Card
Made By: Trần Trí Thạnh

3. Animated Product Card

Animated Product Card using HTML CSS and JavaScript
Made By: Muhammad Fadzrin Madu

4. Product Card UI

Product Card UI
Made By: Sanjaya

5. 3D Interactive Card Hover

3D Interactive Card Hover
Made By: Josh Allen

6. Expanding Flex Cards

Expanding Flex Cards
Made By: Zed Dash

7. Blog Preview Modal

Blog Preview Modal
Made By: Vladimir

8. Cards

Made By: Filipe Martins

9. Product Card

Product Card
Made By: Jorge Aguilar

10. Pokemon Card Holo Effect

Pokemon Card Holo Effect
Made By: Simon Goellner

11. Pink Without Floyd Card

Pink Without Floyd Card
Made By: guy

12. Material Card

Material Card
Made By: Jonah Wichtrup

13. User Profile

User Profile
Made By: Gabrielle Wee

14. Animated Video Grid

Animated Video Grid
Made By: Dan

15. 3D Product Card

3D Product Card
Made By: m

16. Card Stack Tutorial Animation

Card Stack Tutorial Animation
Made By: Brandon Ward

17. Card Effect

Card Effect
Made By: Alex Moore

18. User Profile

User Profile
Made By: Julie Park

19. Cards With Folded Corner

Cards With Folded Corner
Made By: Alexandra Kudryavtseva

20. Interactive UI Cards

Interactive UI Cards
Made By: Vincent Van Goggles

21. Clash of Clans Cards

Clash of Clans Cards
Made By: Andre Madarang

22. Animated Card Flip

Animated Card Flip
Made By: Ana Travas

23. Product Card

Product Card
Made By: Aleksandar Čugurović

24. Info Cards

Info Cards
Made By: Nathan Taylor

25. Material Design Card Animation

Material Design Card Animation
Made By: Trevor L.J.M. McIntire

26. Material Cards FlexBox

Material Cards FlexBox
Made By: diego valobra

27. Ecommerce Single Item

Ecommerce Single Item
Made By: Immanuel Pandiangan

28. Card 3D View Parallax

Card 3D View Parallax
Made By: Alban Bujupaj

29. Environment Impact Cards

Environment Impact Cards
Made By: Anton Mudrenok

30. Seven Summits

Seven Summits
Made By: pvolodymyr

31. Rebound: Lada Life

Rebound: Lada Life
Made By: James Bosworth

32. E-Commerce Shop Card

E-Commerce Shop Card
Made By: Fabio Ottaviani

33. Figure & Figcaption Card

Figure & Figcaption Card
Made By: Tobias Glaus

34. 3D Card Profile SVG

3D Card Profile SVG
Made By: @BrawadaCom

35. 3D Card

3D Card
Made By: LongKing

36. User Profile

User Profile
Made By: XiChen

37. Swipe the Cards

Swipe the Cards
Made By: Helle Holmsen

38. Flexy Product Cards

Flexy Product Cards
Made By: Jack Thomson

39. splitting.js Card

splitting.js Card
Made By: Adam Kuhn

40. Google Now Inspired Flip Cards

Google Now Inspired Flip Cards
Made By: Ettrics

41. 2 Sided Digital Business Card

2 Sided Digital Business Card
Made By: Jesse Couch

42. Download Cards

Download Cards
Made By: Evan Wieland

43. Planets App SVG Animation

Planets App SVG Animation
Made By: Kitsune

44. Contact Me Animation

Contact Me Animation
Made By: Aaron Taylor

45. Material Design Responsive Card

Material Design Responsive Card
Made By: David Foliti

46. CSS Business Card

CSS Business Card
Made By: Keith Pickering

47. Material Card Opening Effect

Material Card Opening Effect
Made By: Luiz Otávio Carvalho

48. Friend Collector

Friend Collector
Made By: Adam Kuhn

49. Product Card

Product Card
Made By: Virgil Pana

50. CSS Card Flip

CSS Card Flip
Made By: Cole Bemis

51. Click Responsive Shuffling Tarot Cards

Click Responsive Shuffling Tarot Cards
Made By: Colleen Lohr

52. Article News Card

Article News Card
Made By: Andy Tran

53. Spread Cards

Spread Cards
Made By: Andrew Canham

54. Unfolding Card

Unfolding Card
Made By: Tobias Glaus

55. Animated 3D Playing Card with Randomization

Animated 3D Playing Card with Randomization
Made By: Aaron Griffis

56. Animation: Card to Full Screen

Animation: Card to Full Screen
Made By: Brian Haferkamp

57. Animated Weather Cards

Animated Weather Cards
Made By: Steve Gardner

58. Information Card Slider

Information Card Slider
Made By: Andy Tran

59. Smart Card Holder

Smart Card Holder
Made By: Visnu Ravichandran

60. jQuery Article Card UI

jQuery Article Card UI – Read More CSS Animation
Made By: Kitsune

61. The Scattering

The Scattering
Made By: Jon Beebe

62. Re-Order Stacked Cards

Re-Order Stacked Cards
Made By: Jesse Couch

63. 3D Perspective Card XY

3D Perspective Card XY
Made By: Carlos Sánchez Riballo

64. Hoverable Expandable Blog Cards

Hoverable Expandable Blog Cards
Made By: Zach

65. Featured Movies Card

Featured Movies Card
Made By: vinay patel

66. Material Card Transformation

Material Card Transformation
Made By: Zach Curry

67. Animated Card Stacks

Animated Card Stacks
Made By: Chris Hutchinson

68. Illustrative Stacked Cards

Illustrative Stacked Cards
Made By: Abdul-malik Mustapha


jQuery cards are a useful tool for developers to quickly and efficiently create dynamic and interactive web pages. The above-listed cards are just a few of the many free jQuery cards available.

Each card offers a unique and engaging design that is perfect for displaying information or performing specific actions. They are fully customizable and responsive, making them perfect for use on all devices. By using these cards, developers can save time and effort in creating web pages and focus on creating engaging and effective content.

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