jQuery Modal Dialog Windows

Modal windows or dialog boxes are common UI elements used in web development to display information or prompt users to take a specific action. They are often used to draw attention to important messages, confirmations, or errors, and provide a clear call to action. jQuery is a popular JavaScript library that simplifies the creation of dynamic and interactive web pages, including modal windows. In this article, we’ll explore the best free jQuery modal/dialog windows available.

1. Content Modal Box

Content Modal Box
Made By: Santosh Singh Chauhan

2. Video + Blend modes = Cool modal

Video + Blend modes = Cool modal
Made By: Jamie Coulter

3. Button Fill Animation

Button Fill Animation
Made By: Max Smith

4. Modal Window Destroy Concept

Modal Window Destroy Concept
Made By: LegoMushroom

5. Modal

Made By: Ne Lam Pa

6. Expanding Contact Button and Popup Sendmessage

Expanding Contact Button and Popup Sendmessage
Made By: Marco Kucznierz

7. UI Design: Send A Postcard

UI Design: Send A Postcard
Made By: Olivia Ng

8. Modal

Made By: Evans Pauliuts

9. Modal Dialog

Modal Dialog
Made By: David Fitas

10. Success Modal with Animation

Success Modal with Animation
Made By: Bryce Snyder

11. Animated Modal Box

Animated Modal Box
Made By: lefoy

12. Using the Backdrop Filter

Using the Backdrop Filter
Made By: Brian Haferkamp

13. Tour Modal Slider

Tour Modal Slider
Made By: Fernando Cohen

14. Modal Animation Physics

Modal Animation Physics
Made By: Tey Tag

15. Success Popup

Success Popup
Made By: Andreas Gillström


jQuery modal/dialog windows are a powerful tool for creating interactive and engaging web applications. There are many free and customizable jQuery designs available that simplify the creation of modal windows. The above-mentioned designs are some of the best free jQuery modal/dialog windows that offer a wide range of options for customizing modal windows. Each modal window has its unique features and customization options.

Choose the one that best suits your project’s requirements and create engaging and interactive modal windows for your web application.

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