jQuery App Designes

Whether you need a simple header or a more comprehensive design, these 16 free jQuery app designs will have you covered. Don’t miss out on this great resource!

jQuery is a popular JavaScript library that is widely used for developing web applications. It provides a simple and powerful way to manipulate HTML documents, handle events, and create animations. With its easy-to-use syntax and extensive plugin architecture, jQuery has become a favorite tool among web developers.

When it comes to designing jQuery applications, there are many free resources available that can help you create beautiful and responsive user interfaces. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best free jQuery app designs that you can use to kickstart your project.

1. VideoCall App UI

VideoCall App UI
Made By: Aybüke Ceylan

2. Netflix – Mobile App Redesign

Netflix – Mobile App Redesign
Made By: Fernando Cohen

3. Simple Music App UI Design

Simple Music App UI Design
Made By: Aysenur Turk

4. Application Interface

Application Interface
Made By: Andrej Sharapov

5. Whimsical Mood Board

Whimsical Mood Board
Made By: Akshaya Venky

6. Shoes Store Concept

Shoes Store Concept
Made By: Fernando Cohen

7. Movie Ticket Booking App

Movie Ticket Booking App – UI / UX Design
Made By: Amit Soni

8. Food APP – Tab With Carousel Animation

Food APP – Tab With Carousel Animation
Made By: Fernando Cohen

9. Opening Screen For A Banking App

Opening Screen For A Banking App
Made By: Kirill Kiyutin

10. Planets App SVG Animation

Planets App SVG Animation
Made By: Kitsune

11. Wallet App Animation

Wallet App Animation
Made By: gokul

12. File Sharing Web App

File Sharing Web App
Made By: Aybüke Ceylan

13. Mobile App UI

Mobile App UI
Made By: Jitendra

14. Direct Messaging UI

Direct Messaging UI
Made By: Fabio Ottaviani

15. Alarm Clock Concept

Alarm Clock Concept
Made By: Pavel Komiagin

16. Windows 8 Messenger App Test

Windows 8 Messenger App Test
Made By: Marco Kaiser


jQuery is a powerful tool for building modern and responsive web applications. With the help of these free jQuery app designs, you can quickly create beautiful and intuitive user interfaces that enhance the user experience. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, these resources can help you streamline your workflow and create stunning web applications.

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