CSS Horizontal Menus

If you’re looking for the perfect way to put a creative CSS horizontal menus on your site then you’re at the right place.

While you’re at it, why not add a sleek look to an interesting look? Today we are going to try to create a list of the best CSS horizontal menus with animated, simple, elegant and more options.

Below is a link to each demo and code piece. Whether you want to start with your own design or you are looking for a fully finished horizontal menus, you have it all.

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So undoubtedly let’s get to the list.

1. Pure CSS Magic Line Navbar

Pure CSS Magic Line Navbar
Made By: Rock Starwind

2. CSS Menu Concept (Clip-Path)

CSS Menu Concept (Clip-Path)
Made By: Charlie Marcotte

3. Lavalamp CSS Menu

Lavalamp CSS Menu
Made By: Patak

4. CSS3 Responsive Menu Effect

CSS3 Responsive Menu Effect
Made By: Bogdan Blinnikov

5. Pure CSS Fading Out For Siblings Menu

Pure CSS Fading Out For Siblings Menu Options On Option Hover
Made By: Stas Melnikov

6. Position Sticky Subnav

Position Sticky Subnav
Made By: tris timb

7. Strikethrough Hover Effect

Strikethrough Hover Effect
Made By: Artyom

8. CSS Only Perspective Menus

CSS Only Perspective Menus
Made By: Mehmet Burak Erman

9. Menu Hover Line Effect

Menu Hover Line Effect
Made By: Mehmet Burak Erman

10. Transparent Fading Navigation Bar

Transparent Fading Navigation Bar
Made By: MrPirrera

11. Slide Menu

Slide Menu
Made By: Aaron Benjamin

12. Icon Navigation

Icon Navigation
Made By: Marco Biedermann

13. Skewed Menu

Skewed Menu
Made By: Claudio Holanda

14. Navigation Effects

Navigation Effects
Made By: bdbch

15. Horizontal Menu

Horizontal Menu
Made By: Carl Rosell

16. Simple Menu Navigation

Simple Menu Navigation
Made By: Karim Balaa

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