CSS Backdrop-Filter Examples

If you’re looking for the perfect way to put a creative CSS Backdrop-Filter Examples on your site then you’re at the right place.

While you’re at it, why not add a sleek look to an interesting look? Today we are going to try to create a list of the best CSS Backdrop-Filter Examples with animated, simple, elegant and more options.

Below is a link to each demo and code piece. Whether you want to start with your own design or you are looking for a fully finished CSS Backdrop-Filter Examples, you have it all.

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So undoubtedly let’s get to the list.

1. Water Bottle

Water Bottle
Made By: Jon Kantner

2. Using The Backdrop Filter

Using The Backdrop Filter
Made By: Brian Haferkamp

3. Backdrop Filter

Backdrop Filter
Made By: Jean David Herrera Guerrero

4. Image With Backdrop Effect

Image With Backdrop Effect
Made By: Bansal

5. Backdrop Filter Example

Backdrop Filter Example
Made By: andrewnicholl

6. Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass
Made By: alphardex

7. Backdrop-Filter: Blur & Scroll-Behavior: Smooth

Backdrop-Filter: Blur & Scroll-Behavior: Smooth
Made By: Andrej Sharapov

8. Futuristic Button Styles (Fire & Ice)

Futuristic Button Styles (Fire & Ice)
Made By: Jouan Marcel

9. 2021

Made By: Pieter Biesemans

10. Backdrop-Filter Example

Backdrop-Filter Example
Made By: ItsMeNatalie

11. Smooth Blurry Header

Smooth Blurry Header
Made By: Luciano Felix

12. Backdrop Filter Blur

Backdrop Filter Blur
Made By: Andreas Storm

13. Faking Backdrop-Filter Using SVG Filter

Faking Backdrop-Filter Using SVG Filter
Made By: Vincent De Oliveira

14. Cells With Backdrop-Filter

Cells With Backdrop-Filter
Made By: ycw

15. Blurred Blinds

Blurred Blinds
Made By: keyframers

16. iOS-Style Transparency Effect in CSS With Backdrop-Filter

iOS-Style Transparency Effect in CSS With Backdrop-Filter
Made By: Matt Smith

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