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JavaScript is a powerful programming language that has revolutionized the way we interact with the web. One of the most important features of JavaScript is the ability to create dynamic input text boxes on web pages. Input text boxes allow users to enter information and interact with web applications in a seamless way.

In this article, we have listed the 29 best Free JavaScript Input Text that you can easily use in 2024.

Moreover, these JavaScript code examples help you to design your website stand out from the crowd. So, lets dive into the list.

Best JavaScript Input Text for Free Download:

1. Neumorphic Show/Hide Password Input Field

Neumorphic Show/Hide Password Input Field
Made By: mayur punjabi

2. Password Generator

Password Generator
Made By: Vast Rideside

3. Color Changing Cursor in TextArea

Color Changing Cursor in TextArea
Made By: Timothy Carambat

4. Droppy Woppy Input

Droppy Woppy Input
Made By: Steve Gardner

5. Dynamic 3D Confetti Text

Dynamic 3D Confetti Text
Made By: Rachel Smith

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6. Input Type Password

Input Type Password
Made By: Gabriele Corti

7. Password Strength Validator UI

Password Strength Validator UI (Bootstrap Based)
Made By: Natalia Davydova

8. Image Password Strength

Image Password Strength
Made By: Florin Pop

9. Autocomplete

Made By: Trevor Eyre

10. Talking Ghost Chat Input

Talking Ghost Chat Input
Made By: Jason Yeung

11. Input Field With Validation

Input Field With Validation
Made By: Shehab Eltawel

12. Password Input Light

Password Input Light
Made By: Ryan Mulligan

13. Clear Input Field

Clear Input Field
Made By: Aaron Iker

14. Password Validate Animation

Password Validate Animation
Made By: Milan Raring

15. Birthday Input With Zodiac

Birthday Input With Zodiac
Made By: Aaron Iker

16. Password Field

Password Field
Made By: Aaron Iker

17. Form Focus

Form Focus
Made By: Chris Smith

18. Email Validation Animation

Email Validation Animation
Made By: Aaron Iker

19. Show/Hide Password

Show/Hide Password
Made By: @keyframers

20. Animated Input Labels

Animated Input Labels
Made By: Jarrod Thibodeau

21. Push to Hide

Push to Hide
Made By: Elior Tabeka

22. Animated UI Text Input

Animated UI Text Input
Made By: Shehab Eltawel

23. Pixie Dust Input

Pixie Dust Input
Made By: Rik Schennink

24. Fancy Input Field

Fancy Input Field
Made By: bartekd

25. Bump Name

Bump Name
Made By: Mikael Ainalem

26. Material Design Like Form Input Text Fields

Material Design Like Form Input Text Fields
Made By: Tero Auralinna

27. Floaty Labels

Floaty Labels
Made By: David Aerne

28. Tags Input

Tags Input
Made By: Julien Dargelos

29. Autosize Input

Autosize Input
Made By: yuanqing


JavaScript input text boxes are a powerful and flexible tool for creating dynamic web applications. By customizing input text boxes to suit the needs of specific web applications, developers can create a more seamless and user-friendly experience for their users. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, understanding the power of input text boxes in JavaScript is essential for creating successful web applications.

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